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"Apple Donuts"-Or- How Shape and Appearance Affect Taste

23 October 2011

Several months ago, my kids were begging for a snack and my husband said, "How about apple donuts?"  It was the simplest thing. All he did was *core* the apple and then cut the slices so that the apples looked like donuts. The experience of eating an apple is entirely different this way, and also changes based on how thick you cut the slices. Plus, saying, "Here are some apple donuts," sounds so much more exciting than, "Here's an apple."

This is also a great way to get kids used to eating apple skin. If you cut the slices thin, you barely notice it.

Sometimes it is just this simple.

How have you used appearance to make the ordinary into a special treat? I'd love to hear your ideas!

*Note: We don't own an apple corer, when we did in the past, I always "missed," the sweet spot and therefore just didn't find it helpful.  After mangling several apples trying to core them with a knife, I finally asked my husband how he got the nice round hole in the middle.  It turns out he used a pumpkin carving knife!  (Incidentally, the apples in this picture demonstrate my first attempt with the pumpkin carving knife. My husband's look much better :)


  1. I LOVE this girls love apples but hate peels..will have to try this and see if it's tricky enough :)

  2. Hope it works... also if you sprinkle a little bit of sugar (I use coconut sugar, but regular is fine too) and a little cinnamon and microwave until they're a little soft (maybe 1 minute?) that makes an extra special treat!

  3. My girls already love apples, but I have a feeling they would love this idea. Today in our muffin tins they had apple slices sliced horizontally but I left the core in to see the star because ours was a Advent muffin tin.

  4. Kewkew... that's a neat idea to leave the star in for Advent!


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