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7 Quick Takes about Eating Sticky Hands, Unsupervised Toddlers, Chicken Nuggets and My Daughter the "Vlogger"

31 October 2013

Joining the fun today over at 7 Quick Takes Friday.

I have just recently started blogging again after a year's hiatus. While I was "gone," I still checked back from time to time to see if anyone was still reading my blog, and, if so, what they were reading and how they found my site. Most of the time people came to my site when searching something along the lines of how to teach a baby to eat or what to do with a picky eater. However, the one that made me laugh, was that at least once a week, someone was led to my blog by searching, "My child ate a sticky hand."

I once posted about all of the strange things that my son has eaten and, included among them was one of those sticky hand toys. I'm not sure that these searchers got what they were looking for when they were led to my site, but at least, I guess, there's some assurance in knowing that my son is still alive and kicking after the fateful sticky hand incident. (However, if your child ever eats a sticky hand, and you're concerned, don't consult my blog- call your doctor.)

This weekly search makes me wonder. Are there lots of kids eating sticky hands or are there so few of them that I am the only person on the internet to have ever mentioned it, thus leading every parent of a sticky hand eater directly to my site?

While I was a away from blogging, I occassionally received a comment on my blog. For a brief second, I got that "Christmas morning feeling," as I got ready to click the button and see what someone had written just for me.

Sadly, every single time, the "giver," was "Anyonymous," and the "gift" was something along the lines of:

"Remarkable things here. I am very happy to see your article.
Thank you so much and I am having a look forward to touch you.
Will you please drop me a mail?"

Or this one, which left me wondering, "Just who are these, "web people," and how can I benefit them even more?

"It's an awesome post designed for all the web people;
they will obtain benefit from it I am sure."

This guy simply couldn't get the "dangle," of how to make pumpkin bread:

"You actually make it seem really easy along with your presentation however I find this 
matter to be actually one thing that I believe I might by no means understand.

It kind of feels too complex and extremely broad for me.
I'm taking a look forward to your next submit, I'll try to get the 
dangle of it!"

And finally, I'm not sure what translating program "Anonymous," used on this one, but I'd love to know what "tank locomotive," was supposed to be!

"Place the crepe on a flat plate with tank locomotive the first.
However, with more and more delicious dishes. With the UK
in the grip of an obesity epidemic, is this stuff written into the contract so
every time someone commissions a show on that station it has to be a more positive person.
Foods cook quicker with the healthy eating. Let it boil To make the
buttercream all tank locomotive you so is add softened butter and icing
mixture together, mix it around as we pipe the little mummy strings on there."

We have moved a bunch of times of the past few years, but I have been blessed with a gas stove in each of those houses, until now. I never used to understand the appeal of a gas stove, but now that I have a glass top electric, I totally get it. I'm burning food and destroying pans left and right, not to mention, it's a lot harder to hide the gross splatter in food pictures.

I also have a major issue with the knobs being on the side instead of the front of the stove. Thier arrangement is totally counterintuitive and sometimes it takes me 10 minutes  or more to realize that the reason my food isn't cooking is because I turned the wrong knob and I am currently heating and destroying an empty pan.

I recently saw an article that claimed that 83% of parents had left their toddlers unsupervised. I was horrified, thinking that 83% of parents actually left their children home alone, until I realized that by "unsupervised," they meant, in another room. In that case, clearly 17% of parents are lying.

Here's what my unsupervised toddler was doing while I made dinner...

I have long suspected that chicken nuggets are part of a secret plot to destroy the good eating habits of Americans. This week, I found a post by Jessica of Feed me Dearly, which verified my suspicions. 

I highly suggest that you check out her blog to see what she's doing to counter the "cracklike," effect of chicken nuggets on her kids with her 52 Week Challenge.

I once wrote that blogging made me a better mother and today, after spending what I felt was probably far too much time working on the blog; blogging, once again, bared fruit for my family.

Packing lunches has been one of my least favorite tasks lately, and I decided to get back on the smallest of bandwagons when it come to making fun lunches. In honor of this I ordered a set of Vegetable Cutters (Yes, that's an affiliate link.)

When my daughter saw them she asked right away to use them. This led to all 4 kids very enthusiastically eating a ton of veggies. The only negative of this is that there is now nothing left to put in their lunches tomorrow.

And it also led to this: My daughter is now officially a "vlogger."

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. My guy used to love to draw on walls too.

    1. Thank goodness for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! I don't know how parents survived before them!

  2. I've gotten quite the laugh out of this post, especially the leaving a Toddler unsupervised haha.

    1. Thanks! Still wondering where they found those parents who never left their toddler in another room!

  3. You know, my kids basically avoid chicken nuggets. I can't say I've done anything in particular to steer them away from that particular food. But whenever we one set of grandparents, those grandparents always pull frozen chicken nuggets out of the freezer. And my kids say "NO!" haha! And they never order them at restaurants. Most often my children order from the adult menu and take what they don't eat home. Children's menus are so uninspired.

    1. We usually order from the adult menu for kids too. It used to work to have them share, but as they get bigger, that's getting harder and harder to do (and so much more expensive!)


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