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Good Eaters vs. Healthy Eaters

20 October 2011

I have purposely chosen to use the term, "good eater," rather than, "healthy eater," in my blog for a number of reasons.

1.  First of all, the definition of, "healthy" changes over time. This summer, I read, In Defense of Food, by Michael Pollan, and it was fascinating to read about how our definitions of what's defined as "healthy," have changed over the past hundred years.

2.  The word, "healthy," reeks of judgement and pressure.  When I read books or blogs about "healthy foods" and "healthy eating," I just end up feeling like a failure. I think that sometimes, "healthy" sounds a little too much like perfection and I just can't live up to that.  (Can you imagine if I called my blog "Teaching Healthy Eaters," and then you passed me in the McDonalds drive through?!)

3. My kids are willing to try and willing to eat healthy food, but we also eat foods that are not considered healthy.

4. Eating "good food," is about more than nutrition. It's about enjoyment.  I come from a family that enjoys food.  We enjoy cooking a meal and eating it together and we enjoy going to restaurants and trying new things. I want my kids to be a part of that. I want my kids to enjoy these experiences along with the rest of us.

5. Trying to only feed your kids healthy food, is a little like going on a diet. It's hard to stick to it, and once you "fall off the wagon," you're likely to quit. But teaching your kids to be willing to eat healthy foods, to be willing to try different things, and to believe that what makes you feel good, also can taste good, is something that is a little easier to continue.

Still not clear about what I mean when I say, "Good Eater?" Check out my first post: So What is a Good Eater?

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