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Food Adventure Friday- Week 3

18 November 2011

My "Not Quite as Planned" Food Adventure

Yesterday, my littlest guy and I headed out to try to find a Bento lunch box for my daughter's lunches. I thought we'd head to the Asian market and see if they had any and while we were there, we could explore and maybe find some new snacks to try.
The Asian market was closed (in a way that seemed to suggest that this was a permanent condition.) Then we tried the international grocery- also closed??
So, we headed to the outlets to the kitchen supply store. Although we didn't find a lunch box, we did find some fun samples. The store had various chips and pretzels set out with a variety of sweet and savory dips and salsas. It was a great way for my son to try different tastes in a fun and non-threatening way. We talked about different kinds of tastes. Is it sweet? salty? spicey? cheesy?  He was able to tell me what he liked and didn't like and was able to see that even if he didn't like one dip, he might like another.

He also had fun checking out all of the fun kitchen gadgets!

And when we were done, he got to ride in a truck with Bob the Builder- Doesn't get any better than that!


  1. Don't you just love how "plans gone wrong" outings can turn into such an adventure with little ones. Sounds like you had a good unplanned adventure.

  2. I agree! He probably had more fun sampling and riding than he would have had at the Asian Market:)

  3. Hello, I came across this 'ice cream' and thought of you: - you may have already heard of it but we tried it and it was yummmy, we also added some honey, warm wishes Kelly

  4. I should have waited before commenting... how perfect that you should share this today. We had "Annie's Bananies" at Rehobeth beach which is "banana icecream." However, she used a juicer which we don't have. Just today, my husband said he would freeze some bananas for me and try to make me some, but we weren't sure how to make it-- can't wait to try it-- Tomorrow!! Thanks so much for sharing.


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