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Learning From Others

04 November 2011

I have a confession to make. I am not creative. What I am is a collector. A collector of ideas.  I am constantly on the look-out for great ideas.  I read, I watch, I ask. I am constantly on the lookout, hoping to learn from others.

This week I have collected many ideas and recipes that I want to try, use, or just hang on to until just the right moment.

I therefore decided to start a learning from others series in order to feature, share, and save the great ideas that I find each week.

Recipes that I can't wait to try!

vegetarian lasagna with red peppers and fresh mozzarella

Debi at Life Currents, posted an amazing recipe for Red Pepper and Fresh Mozzarella Lasagna. I can't eat tomatoes but she suggested boiling down some red pepper soup to make a substitute sauce- she has promised to post the recipe for the soup in the near future! Thanks Debi!

Ruth's Real Food posted a recipe for Carrot Patties. I've never heard of these before and am thinking they could be a fun after school snack and possibly something I could pack in a lunch.  She uses coconut flour and coconut oil... I don't have either of these (yet) so will probably substitute for these.

Southern Style Black Eyed Peas

Lisa from Two Bear's Farm posted a recipe for Southern Style Black Eyed Peas. My kids love beans and kielbasa but we've never had Black Eyed Peas so I'm excited to give it a try!

JDaniel4's Mom posted about Pumpkin Chili in a cornbread muffin, and Pumpkin Dip for apples. These sound like perfect fall treats- think I may make some of the pumpkin dip for dessert tonight!

A reader on Money Saving Mom posted a tip for making your own cream of mushroom soup. There are quite a few recipes that I'd like to "revamp" using this suggestion!

Here are my favorite mom tips:

animal jar toppers

Krafty Kat posted some fun kid crafts- My favorite is the jar toppers- Can't wait til I have some empty jars so that I can make some! 

Gratefully Growing in Grace posted some great ideas for teaching colors. I plan to use these  help teach my 2 year old his colors.

Happy Whimsical Hearts posted an idea for making dinosaur fossils- this looks like a lot of fun!

Finally, I wrote a post on Tuesday about Handling the Halloween Aftermath. Creative Family Moments had a great post about doing Candy Experiments. It's an idea I hadn't thought of and seems like a great way to help make some of the candy stash "disappear"!

I look forward to trying out these ideas and finding some new ones next week!  What have you learned from others these week?


  1. Thanks for sharing our idea - I'm a collector too and I love that we all share our ideas in blogland :-)

  2. Those carrot patties look interesting! We like veggie nuggets here so the kiddos might like those, too.
    Thanks for the link to my color fun post. It's actually a little "series" I'm doing. Blue is the third color we've done and there are several more to come with more toddler play ideas.

  3. Happy Whimsical Hearts- it's my favorite thing about blogging... so many ideas! Now if I only had more time :)

    Amanda- do you make your own veggie nuggets? I've seen pre-made ones but they always have soy in them and my daughter is allergic...

  4. I looks like a wonderful collection of ideas! Thank you for including me.

  5. I've used this recipe:
    I've also used a variation on this that uses cheese but I can't find it.
    Love your blog, by the way!

  6. Thanks Amanda. I'll have to give it a try!

  7. Hi Julie! Thanks for sharing my red pepper lasagna. I'm honored!
    Here's the red pepper soup, as promised.
    I hope you like it! :)


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