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Ew! There's a Bug in Your Lunch!

08 November 2011

This Bento started off very uninspired. I felt like I didn't really even have anything to pack and half of my box was missing. I had a few leftover "Healthy Cookies," so I started with those.

I bought celery for a dinner recipe that I planned, but ever since then my kids have been asking for "ants on a log," so I decided to add these.  I was going to make a cashew butter sandwich and realized that was a lot of brown for one lunch...

Sudden inspiration struck and I decided to make a bug themed lunch. I added red pear ladybugs and salad "grass" with a gummy worm garnish.

To make sure that she didn't miss my "theme" I added this note:

I've linked up to "What's For Lunch Wednesday." Check it out for great Bento ideas!


  1. Even there are bugs,this bento box looks appealing & healthy....
    I would like to invite you to join with my weekly blog party,Midweek Fiesta,every wednesday @ my blog

  2. Very cute. I love the ladybugs.

  3. Haha! I like that you wrote her a note. Some days I will say something about part of Reba's lunch and she will say "Oh, I didn't notice."

  4. My daughter has *requested* notes in her lunch- Beyond, "I love you," I'm never sure what to write. I was happy to have some inspiration for this one. I'm excited for her to have her lunch today- I just hope things don't move around too much- I still need to get a REAL bento box!

  5. Awesome! Just love the added touch of the note!

  6. Hope you enjoy the shrimp and thanks for visiting my blog! I LOVE this bug food, my son loves bugs more than anything and he will be so excited about this!



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