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Learning From Others: Food Dyes, Coconut Oil, and Life...Your Way

09 December 2011

Typically I share a bunch of different ideas in my learning from others posts... However, I shared a bunch of my new favorite blogs, as well as things I learned from them, in my Versatile Blogger Award post earlier this week.

I did, however, actually do quite a bit of "Blog Hopping," this week, but I resolved myself to do it in a more relaxed way, really spending some time "hanging out," in the blogs I visited. I saw tons of great ideas and was very inspired, but I approached it from a more relaxed perspective so I didn't save any links... I just hung out in some fun blogs and enjoyed what I was reading and learning. I encourage you to try this... Visit one of your favorite link-ups. Click on a link and if you like what you see, comment, and then spend some more time there!

That being said, I am featuring some things that I learned from two different blogs. These are both blogs with huge followings, and for good reason! They are blogs where you can hang out for a very long time and learn quite a bit...

Sorta Crunchy has Done my Research for Me...

This post on Sorta Crunchy about food dyes is certainly "food" for thought! I've definitely seen huge behavior swings in my children after eating certain treats. At times, I'm not certain whether it's the sugar or the dye, but this has made me more wary (or at least aware) of food dyes.

I did a search and did find one brand of  dyes made from natural sources on Amazon. I was unable to find a food dye marker...

I recently bought Coconut Oil . I've heard it mentioned several times, and was able to get a good deal on it, so I gave it a try. But, to be honest, I wasn't really sure what the benefits were and I wasn't exactly sure how to use it. I used it as a substitution for butter in these pancakes, but it definitely has a sweet coconutty smell to it, so I was wondering if people used it for cooking savory foods as well.  I had planned to do some research but then found this post (also on Sorta Crunchy) and it basically filled in all of the blanks for me.

Disclosure: The links to Amazon are my affiliate links. If you purchase something through these links, I receive an advertising fee.

Life...Your Way!

A few weeks ago, I clicked "Like" on the Life...Your Way Facebook page. Life...Your Way is actually comprised of multiple "Your Way," blogs, so when I clicked on this one page, I've ended up getting multiple posts delivered to my Facebook newsfeed per day.

At first I thought that, maybe, it was going to be too much; maybe it was going to clog my newsfeeed. However, I must say, I'm now addicted. I click on nearly EVERY link and enjoy and learn something from nearly EVERY post. If you're not familiar with Life... Your Way, I highly suggest that you check it out... but be prepared, you may never leave!

They also have over 150 Free Printables that you can download and use for FREE! These can help you organize just about everything in your life. I definitely want to download a bunch of them and start organizing my life, but it also occurred to me that this would make an awesome gift! I can download a bunch of useful forms, put them in a binder, maybe add some dividers and the result is a gift that I know that I would love to receive!!! This is a virtually free gift (except the cost of a binder- if you don't have extras "hanging around," like I do) but is truly the gift of time!

A few weeks ago   told me that she thought my Learning From Other's posts would make a great link-up. I tried it a few weeks ago, but, didn't have any joiners. At the time, I suggested linking up someone else's link, thus sharing the "Blog Love." However, it occurred to me, that perhaps that's not good "Linky Etiquite..." So, instead, link up, your own post where you share one (or many ideas) highlighting what you have learned from others.

If you don't have a blog, I'd love for you to share what you've learned from others in the comments.

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