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My Favorite Foods- Ch...Ch...Ch... Chia

07 December 2011

I can't say "Chia," without thinking "Ch... Ch... Ch... Chia!"  But, Chia is one of my newest favorite foods.

I saw it in a recipe for an energy bar a few weeks ago, but had never even heard of it. Then, I arrived at my parents house for Thanksgiving and saw a bag of it on the counter.

After doing some other research on Chia seeds, I am totally amazed! Here are some of the benefits of Chia:

1. Helps to balance the blood sugar by slowing the absorption of carbohydrates. (This is the biggie for me since I have gestational diabetes and am trying to ward off being put on medication!)
2. It is a complete protein!
3. High is Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty acids (Higher than flax seeds and you don't have to worry about them going rancid.)
4. Contain calcium and help to promote absorption of calcium.
5. High fiber content aids digestion.
6. Has a very mild, slightly nutty taste so they can be added to cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, and baked goods without affecting the taste.
7. Popular with runners because of the slow release of carbohydrates and because the Chia gel aids hydration.
8. Popular with dieters because it helps you to feel full.
9. Contains anti-oxidants.
10. There is some evidence that it lowers blood pressure.
11. Apparently is a great addition to gluten-free baked goods because it created a gluten like substance which helps to bind food, therefore improving the overall texture!

I decided that this would be the perfect base for my bedtime snack and I created a "Bloodsugar Busting Snack," using Chia and other "good for blood sugar," ingredients which also improve the taste.

Recipe for:  Blood Sugar Busting "Pudding"

3 T. chia
3-5 T warm water (or more depending on desired texture) I prefer mine nuttier and thicker
Dark Chocolate

Start by spooning 3 T of chia into a blow and crumble dark chocolate on top.

Add 3-5 T of warm water and stir until it becomes a seedy gel-like "pudding."

If the water is warm enough, the chocolate will melt. If you would prefer chunks of chocolate, wait to add chocolate until after the "pudding," is formed.

Add crumbled walnuts and berries. It tastes best if you get a berry in each bite!

I made this for myself, but my kids were curious and asked for some (perhaps they saw me adding chocolate??!!) Surprisingly, they each ate a bowl and the boys even ate nearly all of theirs before I had even added the berries.

I haven't had Chia since I left my mom's house until today. I ordered some online and it finally arrived tonight! I'm so excited that it's here, and I look forward to exploring what else I can do with these miraculous little seeds!

First on my Chia, "To Do" list... Try a variation of this "no bake" energy bar.

Have you ever eaten Chia? If so, I'd love to hear how you use it!

If you're interested in buying Chia, the best prices seem to be on Amazon... particularly if you buy in bulk. Though, if you're new to Chia, you may want to start with a small bag!

*This would also be great to add to an emergency kit due to the fact that is has protein, carbohydrates, multiple nutrients, and aids hydration.

Disclaimer: The links to Amazon are my affiliate links. If you make a purchase through this link, I receive a small advertising fee.


  1. Yummy jul!! Going to buy some for sure!!

  2. Thanks G- You should try some of mom's... she also has some that already has chocolate and some other things mixed in.

  3. I've not seen these before. But they look really interesting and yummy. Shall see if I can get some over here to try. :))

  4. I hadn't heard of it myself, until a few weeks ago. It's an ancient Superfood, but is experiencing a resurgence. Hopefully you can find some... On it's own, it doesn't have much taste but is just slightly nutty... however, I love it combination with berries. I also think I am able to make things taste better in my mind when I know that they are amazingly good to me!


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