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Lemon Chicken Tortellini Soup with Escarole

24 January 2012

This soup is based off of a recipe from Rachel Ray Magazine for Lemon Chicken Tortellini Soup.

I make it almost exactly the same as the recipe with a few minor exceptions - my amounts are also more approximate than hers because I tend to use what I have and adjust for taste and preference.

1 package chicken thighs (either @ 1 lb. with bones, or 1/2 lb. without)- alternately leftover rotisserie chicken would work well.
4 (or more) cups chicken broth
1 package whole wheat tortellini
2 cups shredded escarole (or as much as you want or have :) )
half of a package of frozen peas
3 T lemon juice

Start by cooking the chicken thighs in a skillet or in your soup pot. If you use skinless/ boneless chicken, this should be fairly quick and easy. You can break it up as it cooks, or cook it and then shred it.

For the more frugal version, use thighs on the bone. As it cooks, remove the skin and pull the chicken away from the bone.

Remove the skin and bones and either discard or for the EVEN MORE FRUGAL version....

(OPTIONAL) Put the bones and any chicken still stuck to them, skin, a few veggie scraps (I keep a bag of "scraps" in my freezer for making broth) water, and, if you prefer, salt and thyme. Boil for several hours adding water as needed. Then strain and use the broth for the soup (it likely won't be enough on it's own) or freeze to use in the future.

Put 4 cups broth in a large soup pot and bring to a boil.  The recipe recommends also added 2 cups water. I don't really like my broth watered down so I either skip this step or add more broth if it doesn't seem like there's enough.

When boiling, add tortellini in a large soup pot.  The tortellini can be the most expensive part of this soup so I always wait until it's on sale. I was pretty excited to find the whole wheat tortellini at our discount grocery store (Amelia's) for $1.50 each!!

Boil until tortellini floats.

Add chicken, frozen peas, escarole, lemon juice, and if you wish salt and pepper to taste.  The Rachel Ray recipe says to remove from the heat first. I don't. I prefer my escarole to be cooked a little bit more.

Cook until escarole is at desired tenderness.

I made a double batch of this so that I could freeze it. Technically, the tortellini does not freeze well in the soup... when you thaw it, it will likely fall apart a bit- however, I actually prefer this. The soup ends up creamier and cheesier (from the tortellini falling apart) after having been frozen and the lemon flavor intensifies as well. It will look messier, but, in my opinion, taste even better in round 2!

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