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What the Baby Ate Wednesday- Eating on the Go!

15 August 2012

We just got back from a three day trip to visit friends. This posed a bit of a challenge since I find feeding a baby to be difficult at home. Feeding a baby who only ate a few foods and made a terrible mess doing so, did not sound like fun to me.

He's only been eating solids for two weeks, but he seems ti be ravenous and can't seem to get enough of solid food...

Before we left, I bought a few squeeze pouch baby foods. I thought that this would be easier than having to use a bowl and a spoon and might allow me to give him a quick meal in his carseat. (Although I KNOW that we aren't SUPPOSED to just squeeze them into the baby's mouth or let them suck on them, let's be honest. Would anyone pay more for that packaging if they PLANNED to just squeeze it into a bowl and then use a spoon anyway?)

Needless to say, he couldn't quite figure out how to suck the food out of the pouch and with me squeezing it out, it was all over him- so breakfast consisted of bananas and pumpkin squeezed into a bowl and then spooned into his mouth.

I ran out to the store late in the afternoon to pick up supplies to make dinner for our hosts. While I was there, I tried to buy some avocados since the whole "squeeze" baby food thing wasn't working out as I'd hoped, but they didn't have any ripe ones, so I bought ripe bananas.

When I put him in the car as we left the store, he started fussing so I opened one of the bananas, smushed pieces of banana between my fingers and fed him. This seemed to satisfy him.

By evening, I was afraid that all of the banana might start to constipate him so I opened the pouch of prunes and fed him about a fourth of it. I was worried about feeding him too much.

Whether it was the prunes, too much banana, or something I ate, he did seem to have an upset belly that night.

This one seems to have a pretty touchy stomach so I'm having to be extra cautious about what I introduce- even baby food pears made him spit up. So far avocado seems to settle the best and fills him up so that he sleeps well.

What foods have you found are easier/ harder for your baby to digest?

What tips do you have for feeding a baby when you're not at home?

Sorry, no pictures this week... I was on the go!

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