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"Actually," Maybe He Does Like the Bean Soup

22 January 2014

A few years ago, I wrote a guest post for the blog Making Lemonade listing my top ten tips for feeding toddlers.

An incident this afternoon reminded me of that post:

1 year old: (points to kiwi)
Me: Do you want kiwi?
1 year old: (nods his head yes, gets kiwi, doesn't eat it)
Me: If you don't want your kiwi, give it to Dillon (4 year old)
Dillon: I don't want it (the boys then proceed to push the plate back and forth yelling at each other, "I don't want it!")
Me: Fine, I'll eat it then
1 year old: I want it! (then proceeds to eat it all)

Then, within minutes, my 4 (almost 5) year old proved just how applicable these tips are for preschoolers as well!!

Tip #1: More often than not, it's not really about the food.
Tip #3: Don't engage in a battle about food.
Tip #10: Offer choices. (Both of which are a win for you.)

And one that wasn't on my list--- enlist some positive peer pressure... and even a little competition ;)

About the "bean soup" A.K.A. 3 bean chili...
4 year old (last night): My body wants what it wants, and it doesn't want that!
4 year old (this afternoon): Mmm… I LOVE bean soup. It's my favorite.

About the blackberries…
4 year old: (Didn't say anything, but his expression told me that he was about to say that he didn't want blackberries.)
Me: How many blackberries to you want?
4 year old: One.
Me: Here Sam, (1 year old) you can have two.
4 year old: Actually, I want three.

About salsa…
4 year old: I don't want any red stuff. I just want beans and wackamole (guacamole)
Me: That's fine. Sam will have salsa though- he loves salsa
4 year old: Actually, I do want salsa.

Ate a whole plate of nachos with beans, guacamole and salsa… I then made up a second plate.
4 year old: I didn't want the red stuff this time. The red stuff gives me a headache, but the beans and wackamole make it all better.

Does any of this sound familiar? I'd love to hear your own stories in the comments!

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