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Small Plates Halloween Lunch

31 October 2011

I was going to keep today low key... but I saw an idea for olive spiders on deviled eggs and really wanted to try them out. Since I wasn't up to making deviled eggs today, I decided to put the spiders on bagels with cream cheese for glue.

I also made carrot eyeballs, but I wasn't sure that my boys would recognize them as eyeballs, so I embellished with some more carrot and avacado to make a face.

I made "dessert" eyeballs from apple rings, apricots and raisins attached with peanut butter "glue." The boys were really excited about their lunch... especially the spiders! My two year old didn't eat the carrot eyeballs until I told him that they were carrots and showed him that he could "dip" them in the avacado.


  1. Those are adorable! I can totally see why they loved the spider :-)

  2. I love all the details you added to this lunch!

  3. Thanks Lisa and JDaniel4's Mom- I had fun making it!


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