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A Muffin Tin Meal for a Picky Eater

30 October 2011

In my post, Where to Start with Picky Eaters I mentioned that by familiarizing your child with Muffin Tin Meals using favorite foods, you can then use this "tool" as a fun way to introduce new foods.

Here's a sample "Muffin Tin Meal" for a picky eater:

Mac and Cheese and Turkey Hotdogs
Clementines (or any fruit you know your child will like)
Carrots (or any veggie you know your child will like)-and dip
*I cut the carrots into hearts, but before trying new shapes, it's important to consider your child's personality and how he/she reacts to new things.  My youngest is two and I wasn't sure that he would recognize carrots cut in this way. I also put some carrot sticks in his cup.  As predicted, he didn't know what to do with the hearts. He ate the sticks and left the hearts.
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  1. I hadn't thought about the need to recognize what the food is. Great lunch!

  2. I agree. My picky eaters have really branched out since we started muffin tins earlier this year!

  3. it's worth adding something new in each tin, you never know when the urge will take them to try it. My friends boy will only eat fruit when served up in muffin liners!

  4. JDaniel4's mom... I probably wouldn't have thought about the shape either, except that my youngest is quite literal and a rather rigid rule follower. It also makes him quite predictable...

    Jojoebi- I agree!I'm still new to muffin tins, but I love how they affect the appeal of the foods within them! After I finish making a tin for my kids, I wish that I had one for me too. Putting the same food on a plate seems so boring now.

  5. Ha, that's really funny. My daughter's the opposite. She is far MORE likely to eat something new (or something she's not too keen on) if it IS cut into a "pretty" shape! Maybe it's more of a girl thing...? I don't know. She'd love your tin though!

  6. I'm not sure if it's a boy/ girl thing or just a difference in personality... My daughter was very excited about the hearts- she wasn't home when I made this, but the hearts were still in the tin when she got home (making the food, I love--- cleaning it up is another story!) and she asked if she could eat them. My older son ate them without comment- but he will eat ANYTHING and when I say anything... well, he's eaten many "non-food" items in his little life!


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