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My First "Muffin Tin Monday"

24 October 2011

I first saw the idea for Muffin Tin Meals  a year ago and thought it was a great idea.  I wanted to try it, but didn't have any cute muffin tins, muffin tin liners, cookie cutters, or egg molds which I thought were necessary to make a good, "Muffin Tin Meal." I was also intimidated by all of the cute, imaginative meals that I saw on the Muffin Tin Mom site  and worried that I just wasn't up to all of that.

However, after posting about Apple Donuts and thinking about how appearance affects our reactions to food. I thought I would give it a try.  I decided that I would basically serve the same foods as I typically would for lunch, but I would just arrange it in the (old, beat-up, used) tins that I already had.

It didn't take me any longer than usual to prepare, and I have to admit, it looked so much more appetizing than the same elements would have looked on a plate.  The kids were so excited, and my older son just kept saying, "Yum, this is sooo good mom," which is funny since it's pretty much the same thing he would have for lunch on any given day!

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  1. Your tin looks great! I rarely do anything in my tins other than a regular lunch. My boys get excited to eat everyday food when it's in a muffin tin!

  2. Thanks Lori! I was definitely surpised by how much more appealing the food was. I wished I had another tin for myself.

  3. Looks wonderful. I was like you at first, wanting to join in but not having any decent tins. Then I found these cool round tins at a yard sale. We have since found a few more. the girls love their meals in the tin. I love going along with my theme of the week, but even when I can't think of a theme the girls love them anyway. When they know it is Monday, that is the one thing they are anticipating.
    Glad you joined in.

  4. Thanks, kewkew- I had a lot of fun and so did my kids- My oldest was at school and missed it, so I'm going to try out a "bento" tomorrow for her!

  5. Your meal sure looks healthy and yummy. I love beat up tins! Things were stopping me too and I thought, I'll just go for it. Glad I didn't wait any longer. Happy 1st Muffin Tin Monday to you too! Thanks for stopping by our blog. Have a nice day! :)


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