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Tips for Picky Eaters- Less is More

24 October 2011

A while ago, I realized that if I served my kids a normal sized portion, they rarely finished it. However, if I gave them a small portion, they almost always asked for more.  A large plate of food can be intimidating, especially if you're not sure if you're going to like it- a small portion feels much more doable.

Mondays are hectic and my original dinner plan for tonight was foiled when I left the "starter" broth and chicken for chicken soup on the counter overnight.  I therefore, had to come up with a quick plan that I could make in a short period of time. I had also just bought these cute little plates today, so I thought it would be fun to use them for a "small plates," meal.

The bottom portion is fish "nuggets" which I knew they would like, so to save myself time, I gave them a decent portion the first time (they all still had 3 rounds!) If I wasn't sure of their reaction, I may have only started with one or two.

The middle portion was from a frozen microwavable meal, "pumpkin ravioli."  I only gave them one each because I wasn't sure how they'd like them.  My older daughter made a face on the first bite, but then looked at it as if to say, "At least there's only one," and finished it.

Everyone ate everything on their plates- and asked for more. From experience, I'm pretty certain that I would have gotten complaints on the ravioli if I had served them larger portions.

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