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Food Adventure Friday- Week 4

25 November 2011

This week's food adventure is all about tradition and family. I mentioned in my post "Good Eaters vs. Healthy Eaters," that sometimes we eat food that is not particularly healthy, and that being a good eater, for me, isn't just about eating healthy food. It's also about enjoying food and being willing to try different foods. It's about being able to participate in and enjoy family meals, like the one I 'm sharing today.

All my life, the day after Christmas has meant, "Syrian Bread and Eggs." I'm not exactly sure how or when this meal originated, but I believe that it is unique to our family.

We start by dipping Syrian bread (which is a flat bread which looks a bit like a tortilla but has a very different taste) into a "dippy" egg.

The rest of the egg is then placed on a piece of Syrian bread. To that, we add bacon and "salata" ( a salad made with iceberg lettuce, cucumber, red onion, oil, vinegar and salt) and roll it up.

To me, this meal means wonderful memories of my childhood and my grandma who loved to cook for us. This meal is all about family and I'm so glad that my children are able to enjoy it with us.

Since my grandma passed away, my father has taken over the role of making the breakfast, and we now have it on the day after Thanksgiving, as well as, the day after Christmas.  My kids love this meal. To them, it is "Pappy's special breakfast," and as much as they love eating it, I think that my dad loves watching them enjoy it even more!

Do you have a meal that means "family," to you?


  1. Ok Jul...I have something for you. So I have told you that Charley really won't touch meat unless it is "Chicka-fil-a"....well last night her Pop offered her some turkey. I did all I could to convince her to eat it and had no luck. It was then that I saw a bowl of tooth picks and thought of you...ah ha! I stabbed that turkey and handed it to Charley....she gobbled it right up!

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  3. Interesting.... I think it is cool how each family has their own traditions. We all share some, but there are so many that are unique to your family of orgin.


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