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31 Day Challenge- Day 1: Establish Accountability

31 December 2011

Happy New Year!

Welcome to day one of the 31 Days of Teaching your Kids to be "Good Eaters" Challenge!

Your challenge today is to find a way to record or account for the steps that you are taking in the challenge.

Talk to your family about the challenge. Get them excited about the idea and help them to feel some ownership. Talk about foods that they like. Talk about times they may have tried something new and ended up really enjoying it, or the time that they went to a new restaurant and had a great meal. Talk about the fun foods that you had over the holidays... whatever it takes to get your kids excited about the challenge.

Then, decide how you're going to record or account for the time.

Perhaps you'll post on your blog daily- if this is the case, I encourage you to find a way to involve your kids in the process. They can tell their family members and friends about the challenge and ask them to "check in" on your blog to see how your kids are doing.

Another great idea is have your kids start a journal. Depending upon the age of your kids they can write or draw pictures about their experiences.

A reader of the blog, Hip2Save shared a "Things I like to Eat" poster that her son had made. He was was challenged to write down 30 foods that he liked. He started with several foods that he already knew he liked. His challenge was to find more foods over the course of the month to try to fill in the 30.  This would be a great idea and a great way to track your children's accomplishments and to help them see the variety of foods that they like.

Finally... Lorie at Reading Confetti, posted about "Baby New Year." Baby New Year is much like the "Elf on the Shelf" except his job is to check up on everyone and see how they are doing on their new years resolutions! I absolutely LOVE this idea and I think it would be a great way to inject some fun into the challenge... If you do incorporate this idea, please make sure that you share pictures and posts about "Baby New Year" and his adventures at your home!!

So, how will you be incorporating accountability into your 31 day challenge?  Please share your ideas in the comments...


  1. Since my son is a picky eater too, I really like the idea of him keeping a list of "Things I like to eat". It would make planning and preparing meals so much easier for me.

  2. Lynda- Be sure to stop back and share what he puts on his list!!

  3. All of the family members made posters of their favorite foods to eat and I'll be sharing once a week about our daily goals we've reached through the challenge on my blog.

  4. That's great Jessica! I'll definitely be checking in to see your posts!


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