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Ever have one of Those Days?

14 December 2011

Cashew butter and jelly gingerbread men on tortillas with carob chip eyes and apricot mouths,
 with a bowl of berries.

I actually woke up early today... no one else was up yet so I thought I'd get a jump start on the day. Several days ago a reader asked for help with her picky eater, and I realized that I needed to compile all of the "picky eater," posts. I decided to make a page to house all of these posts. I was making headway on this task when my little one woke up. My husband got up with him and I was happy to have time to try to finish this task...

Then... I heard my husband waking my daughter, "It's 8:00..." 8:00!!!! I abandoned the computer, ran to my daughter's room to find her groggily stumbling out of bed with hair that was going to take at least 10 minutes to calm! After helping her find an outfit and combing her hair ("Ouch," "You're spraying my face," "Aren't you done yet??!!") I went downstairs to find my husband attempting to fish half-cooked sticky waffles from the waffle maker...

After making my daughter a bagel and bowl of berries, I realized that I couldn't slack on her lunch... Again!

She's been asking for a gingerbread man lunch-

Last week, my husband made his own, "gingerbread man cheese sticks":

Ever since then, my daughter has been asking for a gingerbread man lunch. I envisioned having my husband make more "cheese men," and then I would make gingerbread man sandwiches and, maybe some sort of gingerbread house. (My daughter waned men, a house, and trees...)

I couldn't find either my "real" bento box, or my kinda fake bento box. I made the lunch in two different containers, and when I was done, it wouldn't fit in her lunchbox, and I couldn't find the cooler that I sometimes use.  

Then, when it was time to take a picture, I couldn't find my camera and had to take a picture with my, "not smart"phone.  

I finally got her out the door only realize that today was my youngest son's last day of preschool before Christmas break and I didn't have a present for his teachers yet... Thank goodness I had made some jars of nuts and although I already had other plans for these, I realized that, right now, this was the best that I could do!  Ahh... all this, and it was only 8:30.

Hope you're having a better morning than me :) (Not that it's morning anymore... it only took me until 3:00 in the afternoon to finish this post!)


  1. hahahaha, yep had those mornings...

    hopefully you were able to finally catch your breath! ;)

  2. Well what you've done is super cute anyways!!! And I've NEVER had one of "those" days (Ah hem)....that's more like my life!! Great blog here!! I will definetly be needing those picky eater pages!

  3. I'm afraid today may end up being one of those days for me, and I'm not dealing with getting anybody off to school but myself! Hope things have improved.

  4. Thanks for the support! My day certainly got better, but I have a feeling I'm going to be feeling like I'm "running behind," at least until the holidays are over!

  5. Well done! Hope you got to chill out afterwards... ;)

  6. Hmmm... chill out? Not yet :) I desperately need to though!


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