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31 Days Challenge-Day 15: Cook or Bake Something with Your Kids

15 January 2012

Today's challenge should be easy, but that doesn't mean that it's not important. One of the best ways to help your kids be good eaters is to involve them in the food preparation.

As important as I know this is, I don't do it nearly enough and I've been working on making a more conscious effort to do it more often.

When kids cook with their parents, they understand where food comes from, and they come to appreciate the ingredients. They feel more connected to the food and are more likely to eat it because they are proud of what they made.  Of my older two, my daughter enjoys cooking more than my son, but if she makes something, he is more likely to be enthusiastic about eating it because he picks up on her excitement.

So, today, make an effort to involve your kids in the food prep in some way. Even if you're not cooking a big meal, allow them to help make a snack- even if it's washing and cutting some fruit for a fruit salad, or chopping up some vegetables for a salad or veggie tray.

Allow your kids to sample while they help you cook. My kids have sampled all kinds of things while helping me cook from frozen broccoli to raw onions. I am sometimes surprised by the things my kids ask to taste--- (Once my daughter sampled a spice mix... this, she discovered, was a mistake!)

Do your kids like to help you cook? What will you be making together today?


  1. I'm not always as good at it as I should be, but my children do love to cook with me! Last night we made bread, and they each got a little piece of the dough to make into a mini loaf. Today they're excited to share them with neighbors and teachers at Church.
    It really is a great experience to cook with them.

    1. All the better when they can make something to share!! Making break together is a great idea

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