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31 Days Challenge- Day 14: Plan a Week of High Protein, Low Sugar Breakfasts

13 January 2012

If you've been following my blog for a while, you've probably heard me mention my efforts to break my family out of the cereal rut.

For years, breakfast was the time of day when I let many of my "good eater" principals slide. Most days, we had cereal for breakfast. The biggest indication that this really wasn't working for my family was the fact that a bowl of cereal was never enough- my kids were never satisfied and, after they were done with breakfast, they came back looking for round 2, and then round 3, and then snacks... I called it the "All Morning Buffet," and it drove me crazy!

Finally, this October, with the accountability of a blog behind me, I decided that enough was enough!  You can read more about the challenges and successes of our journey on the Breaking Out of the Cereal Rut Page.

Although it was challenging at first, the impact on my family has been huge. Despite the fact that the initial breakfast prep takes longer, I only have to deal with one "round" of breakfast and I don't hear, "I'm starving," all morning!  I've noticed an improvement in my kids behavior and they crave fewer snacks and sweets throughout the day.

Halloween fell right as we were starting to get in the "breakfast groove," and it was the first Halloween that I didn't even have to make any rules about the Halloween candy. They restricted themselves to one piece of candy and one salty snack on Halloween night, and after 2 days they had forgotten about their candy and no longer asked for any!

Your challenge for today is to begin planning your breakfasts for next week. If your kids have been having cereal for breakfast, try to go an entire week without- If you already eat a variety of breakfast foods, just try to concentrate on planning breakfasts with more protein, whole grains and less sugar. 

If you need some inspiration, check out my List of Cereal Alternatives.

Our breakfasts have been going well, but I still find that I'm sometimes rushing around at the last minute trying to figure out what to have. Mommy Minded posted that they have a theme for each day's breakfast: (i.e. Monday- Smoothies, Tuesday- Eggs, etc.) I'm going to try that for this week and see how it goes.

What does your family usually have for breakfast?

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