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31 Days Challenge- Day 29: Make Dessert

29 January 2012

Did this one catch you off guard? For most of the challenge, I've been promoting low sugar, healthy foods- so why all of a sudden am I suggesting that you make dessert?

If you've ever tried going on a diet, you know that it's much easier to stick to a diet if you don't feel deprived. Sometimes we become enthusiastic about embracing a new way of eating and we forget to sometimes take a break a be "real."

So, today: relax. Let you kids know that sometimes it's ok to have treats, and enjoy making a dessert together.

Notice, though, that I said, Make dessert. There's a big difference between a homemade confection in which you control the ingredients and a pre-package processed treat.

I also highly suggest using whole wheat flour. I've made all kinds of cookies with whole wheat flour and even the pickiest of eaters haven't even noticed. I do, however, usually use less flour than is called for since the whole wheat flour is more dense.

If you're looking for some sweet treats that are also healthy, check out these sites:

Whole New Mom  - She has tons of great recipes but the Almond Joy Bars  look beyond Amazing!!!

Chocolate Covered Katie- Deemed "The Healthy Dessert" blog, she has recipes for all kinds of delicious looking stuff that's actually good for you!

What's your favorite treat?


  1. Great Idea for the Whole wheat flour. It adds just a little more "healthy" into the treat. I also love to add milled flax seed. It has virtually no taste, or is over powered by the yummy-ness of chocolate. I like sneaking something good in there. We are a huge fan of oatmeal raisin cookies as well. And sometimes I can substitute applesauce in place of oil. Real kids eat sweets!

    1. Not only do I "feel better" about feeding my family whole wheat treats, but I actually feel better when I eat them than I do if I use white flour. White flour is now for play dough only :)

      Mmmm love oatmeal raisin cookies... tried a healthy "cookie dough" dip this week and added raisins instead of chocolate chips, it was like eating oatmeal raisin cookie dough- yum, yum, yum!!

      The recipe is from "Chocolate Covered Katie" You can check it out here...

  2. haha I saw the title "make desert" and thought "who wants to make a desert?" and almost didn't read the post... I was glad to see you were talking about dessert. :)

    We made some banana muffins last weekend with a few chocolate chips in them.. they were so yummy! Can't buy muffins that good in the store.

    1. Ahhh... I thought I changed that... can I blame it on baby brain??

      Banana chocolate chip muffins sound great- I've had banana chocolate chip bread but never muffins (not sure why!!) I actually bought 2 huge bunches of bananas this week in the hope that I would, for once, end up with some ripe ones that I can freeze or bake with...


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