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31 Days Challenge- Day 8: Enjoy a Meal Together

08 January 2012

I don't know about you... but, for me, it's been a long exhausting week, and I'm doing my best to enjoy a day of rest!

My challenge today, shouldn't be a challenge at all... in fact, it's the opposite of a challenge. Your task is to simply enjoy a meal with your family. Don't worry about what anyone's eating. Instead, enjoy the people with whom you are enjoying the meal. Serve the food and then don't worry about what anyone eats or doesn't eat. This doesn't mean anything goes... it simply means that you pay more attention to what's served than what's eaten, and you may more attention to the people than to the food that is at the table.

Give yourself and your children permission to have a day of rest...

Enjoy! And I'll see you tomorrow for more "Work!"


  1. I'm gearing up for homeschool to begin again next week. We have a lot going on for the next few months. This challenge has been a great way to focus on my little guys eating habits. Thanks Julie!

    Here is my link:

  2. You are more than welcome Lynda... I'm loving reading your posts and I'm inspired by your dedication.


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