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Food Adventure Friday- Hospital Food Edition

10 February 2012

Our newest addition was born Thursday morning at 5:25 a.m., so this "Food Adventure Friday," I find myself in the hospital...

And so begins the adventure of feeding an all new "good eater."

My last three children were born while I was living in Pittsburgh and although I loved the hospital food due to the fact that I didn't need to cook it, the food was just, "ok."

We now live in the Lancaster, PA area and ever since I found out that I was pregnant, people have been saying, "Are you giving birth at Women's and Babies? The food is so good!" The pharmacist at the local Weiss said, "You have to order the crab cakes!" Crab cakes? At the hospital??

Last night I ordered the crab cakes and yes... they were soooo good!

Yesterday, for lunch, I had a steak and mushroom panini and it was amazing- with cheesecake for desert (no more gestational diabetes!!)

This morning... the best egg and veggie burrito I've ever had with bacon that was super crispy!

My little one's first milk is being infused with all sorts of good flavors and his mama is happy and well nourished happy to eat whatever she wants for the first time in months!

Here's one more picture of my newest pride and joy!!  Happy Friday :)

Now it's you're turn...

What food adventures have you had this week? Please link up or share in the comments.


  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful baby :-) And hooray for good hospital food!

  2. Oooooh, so beautiful!!! Congratulations! I do remember hospital food was not that great 10 years ago. My mother was in the hospital a few months ago, and times sure have changed. =)

    Enjoy your new little one.

    1. Thanks Lynda! I'm already looking forward to having crab cakes for dinner again tonight!

  3. Congratulations Julie!
    Such a beautiful baby and crab cakes sounds so yummy :)

  4. Congratulations! He is gorgeous. I'm happy that you are getting waited on hand and foot and with good food to boot!

  5. Congrats! Nice to know you and the baby are doing well and getting some great food too!

  6. I can see nothing as good to compare with a beautiful new baby!!! Congratulations and enjoy the awsome pampering this fancy hospital is providing! This baby is just gorgeous!!

  7. Good job Mama! Looking forward to seeing you today! love, Savannah!

  8. Congratulations! What a handsome little guy!

  9. congratulations!!so cute baby...

  10. Congratulations! He is beautiful :) And, I can only hope that The Birthing Inn out here is serving food half as good as what you're getting! I'm usually just thankful that I don't have to cook it :)


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