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"Will You Make Me Fun Lunches Again After the Baby's Born?"

07 February 2012

There is no question that I have been a bit "off my game," lately.  But it definitely hit home when my daughter asked me if I would be making "fun lunches" and later, "fun breakfasts," again, after the baby's born.

On Sunday night we had "Make Your Own Muffin Tin Taco Salads," which I thought was "pretty fun," and although the kids thoroughly enjoyed it, I don't think it registered as something new since we'd done MYO Muffin Tin salads before- therefore it was still "been there, done that!"

Anyways, there was just enough left over of each ingredient to make a  taco salad lunch with a side of grapes and strawberries--- I used an umbrella pick and told her she could use it to dip the fruit in the Greek yogurt with strawberry all-fruit spread. She informed me that she would only be dipping the strawberries :)

I thought this was a "fun lunch," but apparently she's still looking for a "theme," for a "Wow," kind of lunch that she can show off to her friends and the cafeteria staff- unfortunately, I feel like the creativity portion of my brain has been turned off.

I'll be scoping What's for Lunch Wednesday to try to find some great Valentine themed lunches, and if you have any great ideas, please share them in the comments... I need help!!


  1. Be sure to head over to Last week was "red" week and there were some cute Valentine-ish lunches posted. The next challenge, starting on Friday, will be a Valentine theme.

  2. Love this lunch, looks so yummy and healthy :)


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