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Our "Go To" Quick and Healthy Dessert!

06 February 2012

Though we don't often have dessert, the kids will occasionally ask for one. My favorite "go to" treat is...

(Can you guess from the picture??!!)

Frozen Blueberries!  I buy a big bag of frozen wild blueberries at BJ's (like Costco) pour some in a bowl, give the kids a spoon and they are more than happy with their treat!

The only problem is the blue tongues and lips... just don't serve it the day before school pictures :)


  1. Frozen fruit is da best!Love blueberries! Have you ever tried chopping bananas in to bite sized pieces and freezing them on cookie sheets? Better than popsicles!

    1. We've definitely eaten frozen bananas, but never in bite sized pieces on cookie trays- we'll have to try that! Have you ever tried frozen banana "ice-cream??" It's amazing the way that freezing fruit seems to enhance the flavor!!

    2. Yes! But we usually mix in other fruits so not just plain banana ice cream. I love how banana is sweet enough to balance out more tart fruits. :)

    3. They actually make a special machine now that makes banana ice cream (with or without other fruits added in). It's a bit pricey but it is definitely on my "wish list."


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