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Food Adventure Friday Link Up- Now with Features!

29 March 2012

It's been another week where I've been happy just to get food on the table, but our adventures were few and far between!

I have enjoyed living vicariously through your adventures, however, and am excited to feature a few of them that have inspired me!

Yummy Inspirations shared these red quinoa cookies which I can't wait to try! I especially loved the fact that although her son wouldn't even try the quinoa while they were making the cookies, he had no trouble eating it in the cookies! What a great way to teach him to try something new.

Dixie Delights shared her fun ideas for an April Fool's Meal and I CAN'T WAIT to do this with my family this year!!! I'm still trying to decide whether I should fool everyone or whether I should let my daughter help me with the surprise!

Do you have any special plans for April Fool's Day?


  1. Thank you for featuring my Red Quinoa Cookies! Thanks for hosting this week again!

  2. Thank you so much for the invite to link up! What a sweet place you have here! I have enjoyed perusing many of your posts! I can see your love of family shining through your photos and the joy of caring for them :)

    Kindly, Lorraine

  3. This is my first time linking to your blog. Thanks for hosting!


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