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Link Up! Food Adventure Friday- Fun With Kitchen Tools

19 April 2012

I always loved helping my mom in the kitchen as a kid. When I think back on my kitchen memories, many of them involve using kitchen "tools," such as the mixer, vegetable peeler, can opener, or citrus juicer. However, my favorite tool is one that I had forgotten about until recently... the sifter!

When my mom baked, she always sifted all of the dry ingredients and doing this for her was one of my absolute favorite "jobs"!

I've done quite a bit of "recipe" surfing lately and I don't believe that I have ever seen a recipe that mentions sifting any of the ingredients.  However, I've noticed that, every once in a while, my baking soda doesn't blend as well as it should and I get an awful bite of a muffin or other baked good, that has the distinct bitterness of baking soda. I think that sifting would solve this problem; however, more importantly, I think that it would add to my own childrens' enjoyment in the kitchen.

I believe that the more the children are involved in the fun of cooking, the less "fear" they have of trying new foods. One of my kids' favorite ways to help in the kitchen is to use the food processor and they are willing to try anything that comes out of it.

Here they are eating (and loving) freshly grated raw zucchini!

I am also a big believer in letting the kids use measuring spoons and measuring cups. I usually put my oldest in charge of spices. It's such a fabulous way for her to learn about spices (and it's an excellent way to learn about fractions in a hands-on, practical way.)

Using the oil sprayer is another favorite "job." Don't let her less than enthralled expression fool you :)

Carrie at Making Lemonade (one of my favorite blogs) posted this week about her favorite kitchen gadgets for getting kids involved in the kitchen. I love her ideas, and she has definitely given me a few new ideas to my "wish list."

What are your favorite kitchen gadgets for getting kids involved in the food prep? Do you have/ use a flour sifter?? Share your ideas in the comments. And for even more inspiration, check out the kitchen gadget link-up over at Centsational Girl.

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  1. Thanks so much for the link up! I love your blog, too, it's just wonderful. I've decided I need an oil sprayer... after going through the links from CG's party I have that and a citrus squeezer on my wish list. ;-)

  2. Yay, I love cooking with my little guy. Last night he said, "Let's cook somethin for daddy." I asked what and he said "Steak." LOL, I'm a vegetarian.

  3. Thanks for hosting! Usually have one or both kids next to me while cooking, they also like to measure and mix. Last week Mr 3 amazed me by pulling out my garlic press and then asked me for some grapes and he proceeded to squeeze the grapes in the garlic and make himself a little cup of fresh grape juice!! I was AMAZED to say the least at his inventiveness!

  4. You are doing such brilliant things with your kids and food! Impressive :-)

    My son loves the food processor


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