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Food Adventure Friday- Finally, Back Again!!

14 September 2012

I started Food Adventure Friday as a way to inspire people to have more fun with food and find fun ways to get kids to eat new foods... somewhere along the way, I became discouraged because it was difficult to come up with a new adventure every week. However, I've decided to five it a try again, and I have a few "adventures stored up that I can share!

I've mentioned before that grocery store samples are a great way to get kids to try new things. My kids LOVE samples and will try anything that is being sampled. Clubs like Costco, Sam's and BJ's are great places for sampling, but many grocery stores also have specific days when they have lots of samples.

I recently discovered that the local Giant Eagle Market District has lots of samples on Mondays. My oldest son had a blast eating his way through the store!

We even got a "bonus" sample. One of the samples was right next to a bowl of fingerling limes. they were so tiny that I couldn't imagine how you could even eat them. The woman handing out samples had half of a lime on her stand and was kind enough to show us how they are eaten and then let us try.

To eat them, you cut them along the "equator" and then squeeze out little "champagne bubbles" of lime. They are crazy expensive, but such a fun food experience that I bought one (one little tiny lime cost @ $1.50!) home to share with the other kiddos.

Do your kids like to try samples at the store? Do you find that they'll try things there that they may not try at home?


  1. Thanks for hosting. Great to see Food Adventure Friday back! Looking forward to the inspiration :P

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing the things you link up!


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