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What the Baby Ate Wednesday

12 September 2012

I promise... posts about something other than what the baby ate are coming soon! To all of you who have chosen to follow me, but are missing my regular content- thanks for sticking with me--

Coming later this week: Guacaroni Pasta (a new favorite around here!) and the Return of Food Adventure Friday!! (Come back to link-up!) Also coming in October-- an entire month dedicated to helping kids eat more vegetables!

And so...

At 7 months, one month into solid foods- Here's what the baby ate:

Pumpkin and banana squeeze pack for breakfast along with some smashed pieces of a whole banana.

Avocado cut in small pieces that he picked up himself (with some help when he got too frustrated.)

Sampled some hummus left over from his brothers' lunches (LOVED it!!)

Beans (smashed) and corn from our Kielbasa Beans and Rice dinner--- he loved this too spices and all!

I intended to give him a little bit of prunes squeezie pack but I placed it on his tray to take a picture and he grabbed it and made a horrible mess... so, I helped him finish it so that I could throw it away instead of having to clean it!

I've been starting to introduce more and more flavors into his diet. I believe that the more flavors he is introduced to now, the more open he will be to them as he gets older.

Haven't found one he hasn't liked yet! What unusual flavors have you introduced to your little ones?

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