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7 Quick Takes about Skiing, Turkeys, and Being a Better Mom

17 January 2014

Things have been rather slow for me on the blogging front.
Just about everything in my life is on the back burner right now because of skiing.

I have been blessed that my parents owned a condo at a (semi) nearby ski resort which has meant that skiing has always been a big part of my life. In fact, my husband and I met when we were both ski instructors.

My parents sold the condo two years ago and for the past two winters they have rented a place just for the month of January. This means that we pack all of the skiing we can into this month, and everything else is put aside until February.

My daughter has been asking if she can snowboard for just about as long as she's been skiing. A snowboard instructor once told us (in her presence) that 8 years old was the best age to start... and so, we have been able put it off, until now.

If you're not a skier, perhaps you won't understand. But this is the text that my husband sent me on her first day:

I made a turkey this week. Making a turkey has always seemed like a huge and overwhelming task. It really wasn't such a big deal. It was, however, somewhat of a disappointment. For such a huge bird (and a rather hefty price) we yielded very little meat. It was hardly more than I would have gotten from a much smaller chicken for a much nicer price.

The best part of the meal was the gravy... which was amazing. My husband said that I should jar it and sell it. If I did this, however, it would cost a fortune since I yielded one cup of gravy from one $20 turkey.

And yes, I did cook that bird on my pathetic looking cookie sheet (my mom asked...she thought maybe it was just for effect) Nope. That was the only thing I had that would fit it. I did, at least cover it with foil after browning it.

I also turned it breast side down after the first 20 minutes. Before cooking it, I googled "turkey...breast side down or up?" Apparently this is a rather hotly contested issue.  Where do you stand? Up or Down?

My daughter has been bit by the blogging bug! She's been talking about it for a while, and when she had a snow day a few weeks ago, we finally sat down and worked on it.

This has been an awesome way for us to connect. It is also such a great "organic," way for her to practice her writing skills and also to learn technology skills like photo editing.

The challenge is the whole marketing aspect. Anyone else have a kid with a blog? I'd love to connect her with some other kid bloggers so that they can support each other.

Are you familiar with Hands Free Mama?

Last week, my mom gave me her book. Though what she writes is similar to what she has on her blog, for some reason, the book has inspired me to action in a way that the blog never did.

As a result, I've spent a little less time on the computer this week. But, more importantly, I feel like I've been a better mom. I've hugged more. Listened more. Looked my kids in the eye more. And said, "yes," more to questions like: "Will you play with me?" "Will you read to me?" and "Can I make up my own recipe?" (<< I'm working on a post about this last one!)

Whole New Mom recently posted about the generational effects of diet. It is definitely worth a read, and reminded me of this study that I read about a while back.
Please tell me that I'm not the only one who has recipes that look like this!! (I copied this recipe from a magazine in a doctor's office 5 years ago and this is still the recipe that I use --- if I can find it!)

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  1. It's crazy how much our eating effects our lives down the road and our children and even their children.

    I've never gone skiing, looks like fun. But i'm probably too chicken to actually try it myself lol


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