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Food Adventure Friday- Week 7

15 December 2011

About a month ago, I saw an idea for a North Pole Breakfast on the site Little Pumpkin Grace. I was so inspired, but also totally in awe and a little bit intimidated! I decided to file this idea away for "sometime," in the, likely distant, future.

Then, two nights ago, I was in Dollar Tree and I saw these amazing candy striped cups and I started thinking... maybe, just maybe...  I decided that these would be perfect for a breakfast smoothie! The cups came with twisty straws but I knew that the smoothies would get stuck so I bought some wider straws to use instead.

I knew that I needed a table covering but the tablecloths at Dollar Tree were very thin and not very cute. I decided, instead, on an extra-long roll of wrapping paper.

Spotting some bells, I decided that I'd call my breakfast a "Jingle Bell Breakfast." I made invitations for the kids to leave at their bedsides telling them to wear their bell and wait to be called downstairs.

The kids were super excited when they found their bells and notes, unfortunately, they had a short wait because I underestimated the amount of milk we were going to need (you mean you need milk for the pancakes??!!) and had to run out to the store!

They noticed the cups right away- I don't think they even noticed anything else at first!  They immediately starting drinking their smoothies : 1 T Chia soaked in 1/2 cup water for @30 minutes, 3 frozen bananas, @ 1 cup frozen strawberries and raspberries, and enough milk to get the right texture.  This is the first time I added Chia to the smoothies, no one noticed and I do think it did a good job helping them to feel full because they ate fewer pancakes than usual and no one was "still hungry," after breakfast.

I requested candy cane pancakes and, I must say, my pancake maker really outdid himself!

I also made homemade hot chocolate using coconut sugar. It definitely wasn't as sweet as the hot chocolate they're used to, but I didn't want to start the morning with a huge sugar rush.  My daughter made a face on the first sip, but then she swirled her candy cane in her cup and didn't say another word as she drank the rest of it down! The boys didn't even seem to notice- they were just thrilled to have "hot chocolate!"

Everyone was "all smiles," after breakfast. I'm thinking that this will become a yearly tradition!

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  1. What a cute table and a great way to start the day!

    Thanks for stopping by Reading Confetti!

  2. Thanks for the smoothie recipe, I'm going to have to give it a try!

  3. I hope you enjoy it Abby, and if you've never tried Chia, this is a great way to incorporate this "superfood," and no one will ever know the difference!

  4. I love your table decorations! The smoothie sounds great!

  5. Thanks JDaniel's mom! I've seen so many beautiful decorations and "table scopes" on various blogs... decorating is not my forte- but the cool looking cups really helped to set the scene!

  6. I love your jingle bell breakfast - how magical for your kids! I bet they loved it :-)

  7. What a special idea! I bet your kids were thrilled with the surprise...I sure would be! I'll have to see if I can do something like this for my family; I think there's great memories in the making with a tradition like this! Such a cool mom you are! :) Thanks for linking to Shine On Fridays!


  8. Thanks amy! This was actually really easy to pull together and their favorite things were waking up to find a bell by their bedside, and, of course, the cups! A little "creative packaging" goes a long way!

  9. Mine isn't an adventure with my own kids (don't have any), but I went ahead and linked to a memory of adventures with my father and pomegranates when I was a very young child. I hope that meshes well enough with the theme.

    Dad used to make fun shapes out of pancakes, too--it makes for great family mornings. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Your story of your "adventure" with your father was perfect for the link-up! I really enjoyed reading it and must now go share a pomegranate with my family!! (With towels and expectations of a bath when they're done!)

  11. What a wonderful "candy cane" breakfast. Those cups are perfect! You're right, your pancake maker did an awesome job. Such a fun morning.:)

  12. Thanks Shiloh! Just moment ago he was surprised to see that I included a picture of him... but your comment helped to soften the blow :)

  13. Thanks for hosting. Your breakfast looked like so much fun!

  14. What an adorable idea! I think that needs to be a yearly tradition in our home, too. SO CUTE.

    Thanks for linking to Refresh Your Nest Friday, hope you join us again tomorrow!


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