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From Slacker Mom to Cool Mom- Muffin Tins to the Rescue Again!

19 December 2011

Truth be told, I was not going to make a muffin tin today and was not going to participate in Muffin Tin Monday.  There simply is too much that I need to accomplish this week...

But then, I looked in the refrigerator- no milk, no eggs, no bread, no yogurt, no fruit except 1 pear and some clementines.  I thought about making homemade chicken sausage but the chicken is frozen, and oops... sage, cloves, and ground red pepper are not spices that I keep on hand.  I desperately need to go to the store, but it just hasn't made it to the top of the priority list (until now!)

Muffin Tins have saved me before (play dates, salads, leftovers) ... and so, I pulled out the muffin tins and set off to figure out what I could use to fill them.

I started with the pear and clementines. I had two rolls left over from dinner. I cut each one into four thin slices to make cashew butter and jelly sandwiches. To help add appeal, I decided to make "Rudolph Sandwiches." I've seen these many times but didn't really have the usual supplies. I only had big pretzels so I broke them and used the middle portion for antlers.  I used dried cherries for the noses, but they aren't really red, so they're really just reindeer sandwiches and not Rudolph sandwiches. I then used carob chips for the eyes (my kids aren't really fond of the carob chips but I'll just keep introducing them in small ways- and I didn't have chocolate chips so there really wasn't another option anyways.)

I needed to fill one more cup, so I tossed in a few more of the dried cherries and some of the spicy nuts that I had for myself that have coconut sugar instead of regular sugar (they were excited to get what is typically a "desert" for breakfast that they didn't notice the difference.)

Thanks to muffin tin meals, instead of feeling like a total slacker mom this morning, my kids came down to breakfast saying, "This is so cool!" Mission accomplished. Now on to the rest of my day!

Disclosure: The link to dried cherries is my associates link. If you make a purchase from following this link, I  receive an advertising fee. These are, however, the only dried cherries I have found that do not have anything added (sugar or sulfites.)


  1. I love your reindeer! I loved getting to read how you put this lunch together.

  2. Great tin, especially knowing it was last minute, let's see what we can find. Even though I have themes, a lot of the time I am still hunting to see what will work,
    Love the reindeer!

  3. This is so great! I love seeing a healthier version of the reindeer too. What a great mom to make your children feel so special, under less than ideal circumstances!


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