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Food Adventure Friday- Week 8 Merry Christmas!!

22 December 2011

I don't know about you, but we've been lucky enough to eat this week, let alone have a "Food Adventure" The closest I came was my daughter's lunch on Wednesday...

Though I must say that I love the "Elf Donuts" so much I just have to show them again! If I have enough time, I may even make up a few packets for my daughter to give some of her friends as gifts :)

If you had time for some "Food Adventures" this week, I'd love to hear about them... please link up!

If you have fun Holiday meal sometime during the next week, that would be great to share! I'd also love to hear what foods are "traditional" in your families for the holidays... For example, for Christmas Eve at my Grandparent's house we have always had corned beef sandwiches! Not exactly classically traditional Christmas Eve Fare, but it's tradition for us!!

We'll also be having our "traditional" day after Christmas breakfast (which is just like our "traditional" (not traditional at all!) day after Thanksgiving breakfast!!)

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  1. My biggest "food adventure" has been popcorn lol! But your elf doughnuts look amazing!


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