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Little Treats Can Make a Big Impact- Elf Donuts!!

21 December 2011

It seems like this time of year is all about treats!! I'm all for treats. I'm all for fun. I'm NOT all about the way my kids act when they have too many treats, and especially, too much sugar!

Therefore, when I saw these "Elf Donuts" on Pintrest, I was totally sold!! The "donuts" are Cheerios coated with either powder sugar, a mix of powdered sugar and cinnamon, or melted dark chocolate with sprinkles.  The actual amount of sugar in these treats is minimal, the treat itself is small, but the impact and the fun factor is HUGE! I can't wait for my daughter to find these in her lunch!!

** Quite a few people are being led to this site while searching for how to get a box for elf donuts. A great elf donut box would be one the small tins for sample sizes of aspirin (etc.) that you can sometimes find in convenient stores… I however, used a small plastic box sold in sets of 10 from Dollar Tree. They sell it in the area where they have dishes and plastic food containers. I then lined the box with parchment (I highly suggest this!)

I also made "Santa Hats," using cream cheese mixed with a little bit of powdered sugar- However, it was too stiff for my cheap icing dispenser and I broke it, so I had to just spread the icing with a knife.  Also, the strawberries were too tall for the box, even when I cut them way down, so I used raspberries for all but one. They are sitting on a bed of coconut snow.

I also made Rudolph sandwiches (Cashew butter and all fruit jelly on Sara Lee Soft and Smooth 100% Whole Wheat Bread, carob chip eyes, raspberry (for rudolph) and dried cherry noses, and pretzel antlers) ... again! They were a hit on Monday morning, and I thought my daughter would enjoy showing her friends at lunch today.

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  1. Thanks Keeley! I love your little elf today!!

  2. So festive, I love it! A friend made 'Santa hats' with her 4 yr old this weekend. She cut the bottoms (tops?) off strawberries, dipped a small amout of the top and bottom of each in melted white chocolate and then coconut. They looked amazing and only had a tiny bit of chocolate.

  3. That's a good idea Sammy and probably would have worked better than what I tried... I actually have some white chocolate so I may give it a try!

  4. Thanks Susan! The Donuts were my favorite part... I'm a sucker for anything tiny!

  5. I awarded you with the Liebster award today. Come check it out and Merry Christmas.

    Jessica @ Preserving Life's Moments

  6. Absolutely adorable!! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Friday, Merry Christmas!


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