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31 Days Challenge- Day 6: Plan a Food Adventure

05 January 2012

In families with picky eaters, mealtimes are often stressful instead of enjoyable.  A food adventure can be a great way to change the tone of mealtimes. Each Friday I host a link-up called Food Adventure Friday. The idea is to plan something fun that involves food.

Here's your challenge: start planning an adventure for sometime in the next week. If you have a blog, blog about your adventure and then come back next Friday and link-up. If not, just come back next week and tell us about your adventure in the comments section.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few "Food Adventures" I've had with my kiddos over the past few months:

Keitha From Keitha's Chaos Links up regularly with her Book Themed Meals

My adventure today was cooking dinner with my daughter. She loves cooking with me, but we don't do it nearly enough anymore. I'm usually making dinner in a rush and I feel like I don't have the time. Today I made a concerted effort to start dinner early so that she could help.  I was so proud of the way she read the recipe (Wow- she can do that now??!!) and figured out calculations with fractions. Me: "We need 3/4 of a teaspoon, but there isn't a spoon with 3/4." Her: "That's ok, I can use three of these (showed me the 1/4.)" I must say, I was one proud mama!

I haven't done a very good job planning my adventures and most of them have been last minute decisions, so I'm doing the challenge too... I'm starting now to plan next week's adventure. I want to plan a movie themed meal. One thing I know that I want to include is this garlic, parmesan popcorn that Elise over at the Frugal Farm Wife shared a few weeks ago.

So, now it's your turn. If you've had a Food Adventure- Link Up! If not... start planning for next week, and if you want, share your ideas in comments.

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