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Tips for Getting Toddler to Eat- My Guest Post Over at Making Lemonade

05 June 2012

[If you're here visiting from Making Lemonade, welcome! Looking for some other reading material? Check out the pages at the top for ideas for helping picking eaters, tips for teaching babies to eat, and all sorts of ways to make food fun! And don't forget to like Teaching Good Eaters on Facebook so that we can keep in touch!]

Would you like to hear my best tips for getting toddlers to eat?

Carrie, at Making Lemonade, asked me to write a guest post for her "Totful Tuesday," feature, and I was more than happy to share my best tips for getting "tots" to eat. (Check it out here...)

Would you like to discover a great blog?

Check out Making Lemonade...

While you're there, check out this amazing post that will give you a window into Carrie's heart (be prepared with tissues!)

Then check out a few of her food related posts that I just know you'll enjoy!

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Plus, if you've ever wondered what it's like to be on HGTV, check out her series about being on HGTV!

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  1. This was just so sweet, thanks for the shout out and the amazing guest post over on my blog!


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