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10 Reasons I LOVE Blogging... And Why I'm Taking a Blogging Break

21 September 2012

I've been tossing around the idea of taking a blogging break.

In reality, I've pretty much been "taking a break" since February when baby #4 was born, and even more so since June, when we started our several month long moving adventure.

I keep making promises, to myself and to my readers that I'll do more. Last Friday I tried to restart "Food Adventure Friday," only to realize this afternoon that it was Friday AGAIN and I hadn't done a post. I want to do this blog, but I want to do it right. But, before I leave, before I take a break, I want to think about ,and I want to share why I love Blogging. This way, every time I visit the site, I'll be reminded of why I need to return.

10 Reasons I LOVE Blogging

1. Blogging makes me a better mom: I remember reading a blog post in which a mom of 6 kids outlined her very busy day. In response to this, she received comments saying that maybe if she didn't spend time blogging, she would have more time for her kids. Here's the thing. reading other blogs, thinking about my own, it actually keeps me focused on what matters. I see things that other moms are doing and I aspire to do the same for my own. I think about things to do for the blog, but because my blog is about my kids, that means that I'm also thinking about doing things for them- things I may not have done otherwise- things I may have forgotten about it- ideas that may have fallen away.

2. Blogging makes me a better writer: I want to write. I have always wanted to write. Being a blogger forces me to practice the art (daily, or weekly--- whatever.)

3. Blogging keeps me accountable: I had thought several times about the idea of cutting out cereal for breakfast, but I never did it. I knew that it would be better for my kids and better for my family for a number of reasons (if you're curious about what they were or how things went you can check it out here.) Even though I knew it would be a good idea, and even though I wanted to do it... I just didn't DO it... until I said I would, on the blog, to the public, or, at least to the few people who were reading my blog at the time. And that, made me accountable.

4. It helps me to feel connected: Being a parent can be lonely. Being a parent who doesn't have many opportunities to interact with other adults can be lonely. Being a person who has moved multiple times over the past few years, can be lonely. But with blogging, I connect with people every day. 

5. Blogging gives me an outlet for all of the ideas spinning around in my head: It seems like my mind is always spinning with ideas, but until I blogged, they never went anywhere. Now, I have a creative outlet for at least *some* of my ideas.

6. It helps me to stay current and informed: Through my own blog, I've had to learn things in order to make sure that I'm accurate in my posts. Through blogging, I've connected to other blogs and have learned things that I wouldn't otherwise known.

7. Blogging has made me more tech savvy: Before I started blogging, I didn't even really know what a blog WAS, I didn't know what an RSS feeder was, I'd never heard of SEO. I've now learned how to use simple HTML, I've edited photos, I've worked with widgets, I even published an e-book.

8. Blogging helps get me closer to my goals: For years, I wanted to write a book about teaching kids to be a better eater. I would sit down, write a few paragraphs, get writers block, lose my nerve, and forget about it until a later date. When I started the blog, I sat down, wrote a few paragraphs and hit "publish." I always wanted to be a published writer, and suddenly, I was.

9. Blogging helps me to stay positive: My blog is still small enough, and I'm still "green" enough, that I haven't managed to make anyone mad and I haven't particularly posted anything controversial. Because of this, I've received only positive comments. Blog readers may not realize it, but positive comments feed blog writers. They keep us writing.

10. I feel like (maybe?) I'm making a difference: When you have small kids, your days are long, your days are chaotic, and sometimes you feel like you really haven't accomplished anything all day. With my blog, I hope that that, at least in some small way, I can offer advice or encouragement to other parents who want to help their kids be better eaters.

* Note: As of today, Feedburner, the e-mail subscription service and RSS feeder that I (and many other bloggers) use is experiencing some difficulties...if you want to make sure that you don't miss a post once I do return, like the Teaching Good Eaters Facebook Page and you'll be the first to know when the blog returns!

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  1. You have listed some great reasons to continue blogging.


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