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31 Days Challenge- Day 4: Pack a Fun Lunch (Even if it Gets Eaten at Home)

03 January 2012

Today's challenge in the 31 Days of Teaching Good Eaters Challenge, is to pack a fun lunch (even if it's going to be eaten at home.) Either pack it today, or plan it for tomorrow or some day in the next week. Then, if you have a blog, be sure to share it at What's for LunchWedensday.

My daughter started first grade this year which meant that she would be eating lunch at school every day. I quickly fell into a quite a rut when it came to lunches and she kept telling me that I wasn't packing her enough.

In reality, I was packing her more than enough food, but compared to her friends who had Lunchables, or several bags of "fun snacks," a sandwich, fruit, and carrot sticks just wasn't cutting it.

Then I discovered What's for Lunch Wednesday, and the world of packed lunches completely opened up to me!  I must admit that I don't pack a fun lunch every day. But I do try to do it, at least, every Wednesday. I've found that it's fun, it helps me to think outside the box, and my daughter LOVES her lunches (and loves to show them off!)

Today's Lunch

Bottom Level: Turkey Cheese and Avacado "Sushi" on Umbrella Picks (I found these at the Dollar Tree and my daughter was begging to play with them- I'm sure she'll be excited!)

Top Level: blueberries, strawberries, Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal (since we no longer have cereal for breakfast, it can make a great "snack") and a few spicy nuts as a treat!

Here are a few of my favorites:


  1. Very very cute! We homeschool so I don't pack a lunch but this would be fun anyway!

  2. great ideas! love the series too ~ can't wait to check them all out. :)

  3. That's definitely a use of cocktail umbrellas I never considered! Very creative.

  4. Thanks LeighAnn... I think that actually many of the people who link up to What's for Lunch Wedensday are homeschoolers who make the lunch for home. You should check out this mom does a great job of empowering her kids by allowing them to help with prep of her lunches.

    Keeley- I'd love it if you'd join the challenge!

    Thanks Student... I originally had a totally different purpose in mind when I found them, but my daughter was so excited by them that I knew I had to find a way to add them to her lunch!

  5. Can you pack me a lunch like that! I would eat it in a heart beat, or maybe not, they are so cute!

  6. Awww thanks! I know, after I pack her lunches I want to eat them myself!

  7. Your turkey, cheese, and avocado sushi is making me hungry. Your bentos look great! I am sure your daughter if thankful for the time you devote to her lunches.

  8. Thanks Keitha, though I'm still hoping to step up to the plate and do a story themed lunch like you do!!

  9. I have a small confession, we homeschool and for the most part my son wants his Ramon noodles, sandwich, and salad for lunch. The only thing that changes is the meat in the sandwich, or the veggies for dippin'. I love having one easy meal a day where there is no brain work for me.

    Here's my link for Day 4 of the challenge:

  10. Lynda... you are only accountable to you and your son, not to my challenges... if this is what works for you, that's fine ;) I love your dedication to the 31 Days Challenge but every family and every kid is different- some of the challenges will pertain to you more than others in order to help you meet YOUR goals. You may find, however, that if you show he some of the fun meals, he's old enough, he may enjoy making part of his lunch a little different. Perhaps he'd enjoy making his sandwich into a face etc. But, if not--- keep that peaceful part of your day. We all need to grab peace where we need it- that's for sure!

  11. Julie,

    These are awesome. I really need to do this type of things more. Great inspiration. Thank you.

  12. Thank you. Sometimes it feels like too much work, but then, once I get started, it's fun and it makes me to smile to think about my daughter's reaction when she sees her lunch!


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